Y2 stepper moves in one direction, but not the other

Hi, I bought the X-Controller, after wiring everything up, the Y2 axis will only move in one direction.

I’ve checked the wiring multiple times with a meter, it looks good

The y2 stepper however will move in one direction well, but free spins when going in the other direction. There are no weird noises or missed steps as I"d expect from a bad wiring job. It just works in one direction, and free spins in the other

I’ve swapped Y2 and Y1 just to verify, it does seem like a PCB issue - any ideas/things that I could be missing?

did you try to switching one pair of wires.
Y1= Black, Green
Y2= Green , Black

I have, yes - when both Y1 and Y2 are hooked up, the machine correctly moves in one direction (both motors spin as they should), however in the other direction, only they the motor attached to Y1 spins

take one of X or Z axis motor to test Y2 motor.
that may confirm that may be a problem with step motor.

great troubleshooting suggestion!

Looks like it’s the controller, the X motor when connected to y2 exhibits the same failure

Did you adjust the current on the grbl yet? maybe not enough current to drive both motors consistently. tighter belt tension on one vs the other would make enough difference.

I tried the full range of motion with the pot, same results