Y2 works, Y1 doesn’t

Hi all. I just finished assembling and setting up my X-Carve. I have the 1000x1000 and I’m using the X-Controller with the Easel driver. Everything works just like it should except for the Y1 stepper motor. It seems to be getting no signal at all from the controller. I have confirmed that the stepper motor itself is working by hooking it up in place of the Y2 stepper motor. I took apart the controller and all the wiring to make sure that everything was connected, and it is. Does anyone have a suggestion what I can do next? It appears that there is just no signal at all going to the Y1 side of the system.

Other than checking and rechecking any board connectors, I´d give Inventables a call and seek advice from them. Its entirely possible that your Y1 driver is DOA. Electronics do fail from time to time.

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