Yet Another DWP611 Dust Control Solution

Borrowing from other solutions I’ve seen, I drew up a few parts using VCarve Desktop. I based the overall layout on my 611 motor mount that includes a vacuum pipe support. It’s a three part assembly: 1) a diverter for the 611, 2) an adapter to fit the end of the vacuum pipe, 3) a plate to tie the system together that includes magnets for easy removal. The material I used is a 3/8" cutting board from Walmart.

The diverter is provisioned with scoops to redirect the airflow from the 611, openings for the LED lighting, and mounting holes that I manually counter-sunk on the bottom.

I created the diverter with an overall diameter about 1/64" less than the 611 so it would slip through my motor mount. Also, with a thickness of 3/8", the collet nut is fully accessible.

The photo below shows what happens with no diverter in place. Might not be too bad cutting wood or plastic, but MDF dust flies all over!

With the diverter, the cuttings stay a little closer.

I used some 20mil vinyl to make a skirt for the vacuum plate. I’ll need 30mil for longer skirts for the added stiffness.

Using two rare earth magnets to mate with the mounting screws on the 611 and two more in both the vacuum plate and adapter ring, everything is held together very securely.