Yaxis off 1/8" left to right

I know this has been somewhat of a thread for several years, but I haven’t read any solutions or been successful in my dilemma. Recently upgraded my x-carve 1000x1000 with the risers, stiffeners and taller z-axis. Problem is as the y-axis moves from left to right, it’s off by 1/8". Tried counting rotations, belt tension, re-squaring, changing $ values, etc. Still same results. By now just frustrated because no issues until I did the upgrades. Extra ideas or help is appreciated.

The Y axis moves front to rear. not left to right. Left and right movement is the X axis.
If you’re saying that as the X axis moves left and right that causes the Y axis to be 1/8" off towards the front/back than that is a matter of squaring the machine. Also you’d want to measure whether your machine moves squarely my actually moving and marking rather than relying on the black lines painted on the wasteboard because those lines will only line up if the user aligns them, so possibly the wasteboard just needs to be rotated a bit OR the machine might actually be out of square…

As the router moves left to right, it’s 1/8" off on the right. Machine is square, x-rail does not travel equally, measuring from fixed known point.

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Maybe a video or pictures would help.

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