Yellow tabs are even worse!

I can see the problem people had with red tabs, but the yellow are even worse. The yellow blends in with the white background. I much preferred the red ones over the yellow. I also find that the tabs are very hard to position accurately. I float over trying to pick it up, which can be hard to do, and then when I move the tab seems to have a mind of its own on where it lands on the project. In projects with lots of tabs, this can be very frustrating and time consuming.

I feel you i wish there was a feature to just place tabs at points

Yes. That’s the biggest one, but I’ve given up on that wish. Today, I was making a cake topper that once the svg was imported had about a thousand tabs that had to be moved and covered by others. Yesterday I was making a free standing wedding sign that need more but didn’t have enough when the svg was imported. Frustrating. I keep putting it off, but I see a vcarve purchase in my future. I hear/assume it’s a little easier to work with or at least has more workable features.


Yeah lol I am interested in vcarve to but I already use fusion 360 for the stuff easel wont handle and its working great so far

But yeah I was cutting out some 3d dinos and about a billion tabs on those not to mention that when using tabs easel sloooooows waaaaaay down so placing all those was a 10 year process

I know some of my projects depending on the material I can just set easel to .005 just shy of material thick ness and just break the part out after or sand it out really easy plus even though its only .005 it will hold better that 4 .60 tabs because its around the hole piece

Not to change the subject, but we actually made some improvements last week that sped Easel up quite a bit when working with projects with lots of tabs.


really okay yeah I might do the project again soon and see how it acts


Would you guys be willing to share the projects where you saw so many unwanted tabs? By default Easel will only place 4 tabs per outline shape. I’m interested to see how the SVGs were constructed that might have led to undesirable tab explosion. You can PM me the links if you don’t want to share them publicly.

Have you tried zooming in on your project when moving tabs around? I find that that makes it a lot easier to grab the tab.

Hmm… Tabs should move in real time as you move your mouse and stay where they are when you release the mouse button. As Jim said, we made some dramatic improvements to the responsiveness of projects with tabs recently. Does this usability problem still happen for you?



hey jeff my projects where not anything that easel was doing wrong (besides being slow) I just needed that amount of tabs in my project just due to the nature of the project

I just wanted to clarify a bit

but i do see the need for letting use have the ability to place tabs where i want and the number i want

I would like to be able to just right click a tab and a delete box appear for that tab.
Or a drop down box with tab options and be able to point and click where i want a tab to be placed.

I do not like tabs at all because they create a lot of extra work my solution was to use a good double stick tape that would hold tight enough so that the work piece would not shift when being cut. The only draw back that I have had to deal with is using isopropyl to loosen the grip of the tape.

You can use masking tape, two layers - one for the waste board, other layer for the piece, then glued with CA to bond the two tape layers together. The masking tape will let go more easily plus won’t leave much glue residue behind once removed.

That seems like a lot of extra steps, nevertheless, I will give it a shot. Thanks for the tip

Quite straight forward really but I hear you. The plus side is the lack of clean-up afterwards :slight_smile:
I have done both, the double sided take would on occasion gum up my bits and for intricate parts a real chore to properly clean up from glue residue etc.