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Yesterday I was remminded why I quit using Easel. Forced to move to HTTPS version

and yes I know you can’t paste them all at once. I went line by line.

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@LanceCameron Don’t go through the setup. You don’t have a stock X-Carve.

dear lord I know that. it locked me into that screen when it migrated me over. no matter how many times I re logged in I was taken to that screen.

I’m not asking how I could have avoided this, I’m saying the webpage is flawed auto migrated me over and treated me like a brand new user but forgot to migrate the fact that I had already done the machine setup screen, but it remembered all my past projects, just not the fact that I had already used my machine.

it comes down to offline files and browser cookies and the fact that I did indeed enter my grbl settings but it glitched and over wrote them a second time in the new browser with the stock GRBL settings.

the software screwed up and I was simply letting people know that.

What browser are you using? Clear your cache.

Hi @LanceCameron,

Very sorry you ran into an issue with Easel that caused you to break a bit, waste material and your time.

We are currently in the process of migrating Easel accounts over to https for increased security. The migration is designed to automatically transfer settings related to your machine that are stored in your browser (such as work area size, presence of Z Probe, dust shoe, etc.). We do this by first pushing those settings to the Easel app server, reloading Easel in https mode, then restoring those settings by pulling them back from the Easel server.

Another change we made separately was to detect when someone tries to start a carve without these settings being present in the browser’s storage and prompt them to run through the setup walkthrough. This change was put in place because users sometimes don’t realize when their browser storage gets erased, which can lead to unexpected results in the carve walkthrough.

It’s possible that for some reason the automatic setting migration didn’t work for you. We have not heard any other reports of this problem, but we are also fairly early in the process of converting accounts. We will review our process for migrating these to see if we might have missed certain corner cases. (We’re assuming that you did not clear your browser cache, use a different browser/computer, or change your cookie/storage retention policies in your browser settings).

I believe someone on the Inventables’ team reached out to you directly as well!

Happy Wednesday,

thank you, yes I am in contact with inventables now via email. feel free to close this thread and delete it if you want.

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Hey @LanceCameron

Just so you know you are not crazy, it did not migrate our settings either although that was a while ago we switched to HTTPS

Hi @DebbieLee,

Yeah, the automatic settings migration was something we added after the initial early access period of SSL that you participated in.



Ah… OK that makes sense.

Is this settings migration feature a one time thing for the transition to https or will it continue to be around to assist with people using multiple machines and/or browsers?

If I’m seeing https for Easel now does that mean I’m totally migrated and there isn’t something else coming?

When your account gets migrated to SSL, you’ll be shown a message stating that if you have any other machines or browsers that you use with Easel, you can log into them to transfer your settings on those as well. We’ll keep your machine settings on the Easel servers for a while (months) to facilitate this. If you modify your settings in any instance of Easel after migrating, then we’ll clear out those stored settings and won’t auto-migrate any new devices.

Yes, but if your account was part of the current migration process and not part of the early access launch of SSL last year (which involved explicit opt-in), then you should have been prompted and informed within Easel that your account would be migrated and asked to click a button to continue.

I’ve got the beta opt in set in my Easel account settings - is that what you mean? I appear to be using SSL now, don’t remember a migration notice. But since I seem to be migrated I’m fine.

It would be an amazingly good feature in Easel if long term the settings were stored on the server so that the settings for multiple machines/browsers would be kept in sync. But then a feature to be able to change the thickness of your Z probe without going through the entire setup process would be good too.

No, the beta opt-in in your account is a general setting that lets us know you’re open to beta testing new features. We may reach out to users periodically who have that option turned on and invite them to try things out. Is it possible that last year you saw the forum post about early access for SSL testing and turned it on at that point?

Thanks for the feedback. I agree that the settings management could be improved, and storing them on the server permanently is a potential option.


It’s possible, don’t remember but I just went to the page it refers to and it says SSL is enabled so I guess I must have.

Hmmm, I did some carving last night and I had to complete re-setup my entire easel machine profile. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but I was curious. I guess I now know why - so odd that a simple change to https would cause important machine preferences to be lost. I think @Zach_Kaplan for @JessieFritz should do some explaining. (professional software developer here - changing from port 80 to 443 should have no impact on settings, unless you are storing the settings in a cookie tied to port 80 or some other persistent storage.)


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Hi @TheGuru - I talked to someone on our team about your response!

On our end it looks like you have not yet had your account migrated to SSL. If this is the case, then most likely your settings issue was due to the other change I mentioned earlier up on this thread:

“Another change we made separately was to detect when someone tries to start a carve without these settings being present in the browser’s storage and prompt them to run through the setup walkthrough. This change was put in place because users sometimes don’t realize when their browser storage gets erased, which can lead to unexpected results in the carve walkthrough.”

If you have any other questions or concerns, let me know otherwise our Customer Success team is always willing to help! :slight_smile:

Hello @JessieFritz - while anything is possible, I’ve been using the same computer for a while, and have not cleared my cache, so all my settings should have been intact. Now I’m even more curious. I did a couple carves last might without problem, but if I’m facing another “reset” then I would like to know.


This is why i dont use easel ive been using UGS where i have full control and not dependent on the internet or someone else “handling” my settings and files

If inventables goes out of business everyone in here will be crying when all their saved programs go bye bye


I would use easel with caution and do not rely 100% on easel … And save any important projects,locally or,risk losing them if inventables and or easel fails
In technology things can change,abrubptly with no,warning so you need to safeguard against it


Hi Tom,

To be clear, we didn’t do anything on our end to reset or clear your settings. We just added an alert if your settings are not present before you begin the carve walkthrough. Your settings could have been cleared at any point since you last went through setup, and prior to this change you would not have been notified of that.

The SSL transition, which has not gotten to your account yet, is designed to migrate your settings automatically for you as described above: