Yet another storage project

So I just finished my rather rough and ready bit storage racks.

I wanted to include all of the stuff that goes with the x-carve, not just the bits. I’m sure in time I’ll need to add more spaces and places, but for now, it’ll keep stuff out of the way and in order.

The trays were just some spare 3/4 plywood I had lying around, and the rack is some left over 1/2 plywood.

I deliberately left the mess ups on the lettering and the couple of gouges from the bit moving across the piece as a reminder to slow down and do the damn job properly!!


Nice! Well thought out.

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What can I say??
Nice job.

I purchased this cases from harbor freight.
i like the idea i can remove bins with parts.
the cost only 8 dollars each build a wood frame to storage.

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