Yet another X-Carve dust boot!

Ive made a 3d printable dust boot that uses two sliding pieces and adjustable arms.

Ive purchased the bristles from Inventables with my X-carve, but they were not long enough, I have to wait until I get more to test the boot fully.

I hope it may help anyone who is effected by the shortage of “official” Inventables dust extraction products.

I have also made some dust covers for the belt wheels, which are much less necessary now.


Hi Brandon,
Are you using the motor covers on the XC750? I printed them but they seem to come very close to the front pulleys. Also, how do you attach it?
Do you have a file for this that I can take a look at and maybe modify?

I have a xc1000 but they should be cross compatible.

I changed the wheel covers to be wider to clear any y rail stiffeners you use and I cut the front flange off as it rubbed on the wheel. I also made the skin thicker.

To make it easy to custom fit I left off the holes for attaching the cover off, so you can use whichever bolts you want. I took the two top screws holding on the motors off and then used those holes to align the cover and drill the holes. I then put the motors back on and used coupler nuts to connect the cover to those bolts. I could have also just used longer M5 bolts from the motors, but I didn’t have any that long.

You can download the files from thingiverse and open them in tinkercad to change anything you want.

I need a dust boot, which one is the simpler to adjust and more effective?
Thank you!

If your asking about boots in general, the Inventables one looks pretty effective, but they have had problems stocking them for months.

The “Suck It” looks pretty good too, with a lot of different options.

Alot of people on here have used the X-Carve to make one, some have made one with 3d Printers too.

I didnt like most of the ones Ive seen so I made my own.

I think I will buy a suckit.

Thank you!

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Someone know if my new suckit will fit with the cnc4newbie Z axis? I want to replace my Z axis.
Thank you!

Call Suckit. I seem to remember that they have a modification that will fit

I think they say it does on their website.

Thank you all!!