You don't need to buy a Expensive Planer

Hey everyone I wanted to show you a quick video of a technique that you can use if you ever get into a bind and need to plane a piece of material but do not have a planer.

This will allow you to plane any size of material you are only limited on the size of your cnc machine

Please let me know if you like the video and/or have any suggestions on this video or others that you would like to be made

Thanks every one

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sorry if it comes off rude, but is this just a surfacing pass on both sides?

Because if it is, it’s kind of obvious and not worth 25 minutes of people’s time.

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no offense taken

you are exactly correct its is a video showing how to surface both sides of a piece of material in preparation for milling

please keep in mind there are many people out there that are extremely new to the cnc world and are always willing to learn new things each and everyday

if this video helps even one person out it has fulled its purpose

if this video is below your skill level then please move on to the next video and realize that this is a skill that you have already learned but someone might of not yet learned.

but if you like stay tuned to my channel as there will be videos of varying skill levels soon to come


you know you make a good point and actually I was thinking about that after I published the video

In the video I was just trying to do a comedic relief with emphasis on buying lots of wood working tools vs. just using 1 in a whole bunch of different ways.

but 1 thing maybe to think about and one thing I was thinking about was the width of a board the 1000mm x-carve can plane 30" wide board or so and to buy a planer that will do that your back into the 9000.00 range unless you buy one that is open ended and can flip the board

But no thank you for the criticism I agree I could of explained it better in the video I will remember that for the next one

I like that because I am new at videos and it helps me make better ones

I would absolutely love to take suggestions though one more complicated topics for videos if there is something that you would like to see being done

and yeah I am still trying to find a good length for my videos I think the 20-40 minute range might be a little to long for somethings I have started the cnc quickie series and I would like those videos to be 10 minutes and under I am just not sure how to explain everything like on the planing video in detail under 10 min

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i think it is great that you want to help people starting out!

It’s just that I know that people have short attention spans. Especially when it comes to youtube videos.

I know I do :wink:

That’s why my wif e has dubbed youtube as “Short Attention Span Theater”

And I tend to agree that 10 minutes is a good length since unless something is really captivating, my two braincells get together and make me think of all the other stuff I could or SHOULD be doing.

This is a valid method, and one that I have employed before. While you don’t need a planer, having one will save time.

Similarly I’ve seen slabs flattened with a router sled

Oh yeah a planer is muuuuuch faster lol

And yeah I have some big hunks of tree to big even to fit on the big cnc I need to build a router sled to plane those down

How did you make your sled?

So here is a video that i just did in a little different format for the CNC Quickie series but I am thinking if I take cues from those videos and apply them to the longer ones things might go smoother

Let me know what you think?

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thanks lol

Great Idea, i like it

Honestly I think opinions vary. For the true newb trying to figure something out. The length of the video is far less important than the quality of the explanation. If I’m trying to learn it. Teach it clearly , regardless of how long it takes. I rememmber watching a few fishing vids thinking. “Well he could have spent a bit more time explaining that.”

Algumas pessoas pensam que nasceram sabendo tudo de uma cnc. Ou aprenderam sozinhas…