You know you're a DIY machinist when

you only realize after the fact that you’ve cut your lawn in an offset pattern…


And, start cutting edges more precise… :dizzy_face:

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You always have a tape measure in your pocket that reads in inch and metric.


You spend more time fiddling with your machines to improve them then actually making things with them.


The first 10 things you make are new parts for your machine.


…and the 11th thing you make is a single part that replaces the first 10.


… I should plot an adaptive clearing path for mowing. If it works as well, could save a LOT of time!


You’re funny but that’s what I’m doing. I have John-Deer ride on mower which doesn’t fit every small pockets, I’m finishing with that and switching small push on mower. But I never think until you mentioned. :joy:

You know you’re a DIY machinist when

Uh? You do it yourself…

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Now you just need extrusion and belts big enough to surround your yard, and hook the mower up as your “spindle”, and you can cut your lawn with GRBL… :wink:


Hmmm… could even program it with HSM, and cut your mowing time down hugely!

Not to mention the cool designs you could mow :smile:

Look like this?


You know you’re a DIY machinist when…

You overhear someone talking about Raspberry Pie and assume they are talking about a Raspberry Pi


Amen and Amen!!! :grinning:

If you give me three hours to chop down a tree I will spend the first two sharping the axe!

edit -----

I actually just misquoted Lincon. he said:

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

Abraham Lincoln

Give me three hours to chop down a tree? I’ll spend the first ten minutes chain-sawing that sucker down, then the next two-hours-fifty trying to figure out how to cut it up to get the most figured wood out of it. Then were to put the tree-chunks I just got by surprise for the couple years it’ll take them to dry properly. Also, worrying if I have enough end sealant. lol

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Give me three hours to chop down a tree; I’ll call local Tree cutting services in 5 minutes. -Pause the time- Wait for them to come and do it. -Start the time- Darn, it’s finish.