Your bottle openers are welcome here!

No Censorship here!


How many topics can we get shut down by random moderators I’ve never even see post?

Figured I’d have a fancy shield next to my name too


I remember these types of posts… IBTL (In before the Lock)

Love it! Want to pop a few corks with that! Share it before it gets screwed if you could, hate it when it is well used…


Bottoms up!

It’s the OP’s nom de plume silly! :wink:

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Did I miss something??? Censorship???

say it isn’t true?

What i’m wondering now is are all bottle openers deemed inappropriate because of “kids” on the forum or just ones that hurt feelings? I am really surprised the gun related topics don’t get shut down just as fast since those are also not for children and are offensive to the anti gun crowd. Where does the line get drawn?

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there has been some gun related posts shut down last year

I made a new opener. Please open only if you are not easily offended by childish humor. :wink:


I cannot edit the OP so the new link is here;

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That is funny

I giggled.