Your trash is my treasure

upcycled kitchen shelf

Charlie Boy 6yrs , his custom specs Dan TDM and you tube,

Old Farm house door, oregon ,

chefs gas torch (not laser) for texture,ooooops . over did his face a bit, looks like a coal miner , bhahaaa
1/8 bit was to big for detail like fingers etc


Before I got into this CNC thing I’d almost forgotten about the stuff that I have in storage. I have some old oak furniture that I need to tear down and recycle; A kid-sized desk and an entertainment cabinet. Both are too far gone to sell as-is, and I had considered giving them away for free to anyone who wanted to pick them up, but now I have other plans.

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There’s a local cabinet shop near me that sells reject custom wooden cabinet doors for $5 each. I picked up a few that I plan to repurpose for signs. I need to go back there and get some more options. They also had scrap from cabinet jobs or what have you for like $5. Cheap material for some signs.

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