Z and Y axis Upgrade

Just wanted to post my upgrade happening tonight. I got the 6" linear z axis upgrade from cnc4newbie to utilize the full size of my triquetra cnc extended y axis plates. I am hoping to fit 4x4 blocks under the z axis when done. Just wanted to post. my x carve is a 1000x1000with the x controller upgraded y axis plates and charley’s touch probe. I use v carve desktop and ugs to design code and control the machine.

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Found it works great for doing

my 4X4 lamps.


Neat simple projects, I like.

Those came out really nice. Looks like the upgrade was a success.

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that is awesome mike.

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so i got the parts all put together last night. Have one small set screw that i am not sure where it goes. Tonight hopefully i will pull the extra wiring to wire up the motor and get it moving.