Z and y zero

help i must just be dumb but i dont see where it tells me to zero my x y z i also cant get my test run to clear and let me run a project of my own dumb ? s i know but i just got the machine set up and i am ready to make something

Hey Michael,

When you have your design made up in Easel and you’re ready to rock, click the green ‘Carve’ button in the top right. This will take you through a walkthrough before you start cutting. One of the things it has you do is zero the machine and gives you arrows to move your machine. Let me know if you need more assistance!

got ya i will give that a wherl thx

worked good but i want to make something of my own and the test cut just keeps comin up thx Michael

Click the Easel icon in the top left corner and then you can choose to “Start a New Project”

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