Z axis acts strange

Please all the nice forumists
I need a advice with my x-carve
Once I’ve started on a project,
after a while the z axis is strange
It goes up and down without any reason.
When I interrupted milling
and manually run the z axis, manual with the arrows
it goes up when I yell it to go down, and vice versa
And it’s just chopping up and down

I have a brand new x-controller installed a couple of weeks ago
btw I have checked all the wire, and they are tight fitting

Any one have an idea ?

Check your wiring again. Make sure the wires haven’t been pulled from the ferrels.

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Do these up and down movements show up in the Easel preview?

Wiring issue. Either loose connection or damaged wire (not always obvious).

Does it effect the z axis if I jog the x axis and z axis manual
before I turn on the x-controller ?

It seems that the reason was the red cable
on the z axel stepper motor.
I have removed cable shoe and soldered the
end of the cable and then just screwed the cable again on the terminal
For the moment, the x-carve is running fine cross you fingers.

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