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Z - axis - Alignment through the Delrin Lead nut

Hi, I watched your X-Carve introduction video and am very impressed by your attention to detail. I have a 3d printer and my newly purchased Shapeoko 2 should be a perfect companion. I have 3 questions where I would appreciate some help.

  1. I am assembling the z-axis and the stainless steel threaded rod is perfectly parallel to the extrusion under it. However I had to loosen the Delrin Lead nut by 3mm to get it to line up with the threaded rod. I can get or make a 3 mm shim and lock it down. Is this is a normal "adjustment?"
  2. I am concerned that I build the z-axis stepper motor on top of 3 stand off spacers. I know you changed to a belted arrangement on the x-carve. I am concerned that the standoffs are a potential weak point. Has anyone created a fix for the standoffs?
  3. Lastly, I want to use this with aluminum exclusively (building robot parts). I would like to include lubrication for the bit. Has anyone made this modification?

Thank you

Hi, @FrankWood

It is normal to loosen the delrin nut a little, but 3mm seems like too much. Can you move the z-axis motor plates forward at all, the plate has slots, so you want to make sure the plate is pulled as forward as possible. If you have having trouble beyond that send a picture of the set up to help(at), and we can help you out.

Once the X-Carve is out of the pre-order stage, you will be able to purchase the belt driven z-axis individually. It is also included in the "upgrade from shapeoko" kit for X-Carve.

I have not seen a hack for something that would constantly or intermittently lubricate the bit, but I would love to see something like that!

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thank you for your help