Z Axis belt being loose

Hi guys,

Not sure if this has been answered or not but I am having trouble with the belt on my z axis.

Currently when I throttle my z axis up and down it slips as the belt (as it seems to me) is too loose. I cant find any documents on how to tighten it as you can with the Y and X. This makes the carves come out too deep as it looses its depth range. I created a clamp system to apply pressure thus making it tighter and it solved the problem. I obviously cant keep using the clamp as it will eventually burn out.

Does anyone have any answers on this? Is there a way to adjust the tension of the belt or does this seem to be a design flaw? Any help would be appreciated.


Feel like an idiot I didnt see this before. Thanks

I know this is a little late, but did you figure this out? Mine has the same problem…

Have you moved the Z-motor as far as the adjustable range allow for?


I’ve tried this method of moving the motor slightly to tighten the tension on the belt of the top motor …… works fine until moving to the next carving point . The motor or belt just keeps slipping so the tool is not out of the way of the work piece when move to next position . Getting quite frustrated as well and noticed the motor is getting mega hot too .

Any ideas please ?