Z Axis Belt Tension

Is there any baseline for how tight the Z-Axis belt should be?

I’ve noticed that when I try to crank it by hand it takes a lot of finger strength to get it turning. In a few of the youtube videos i’ve seen where people do this, it looks quite easy. Do I have my belt too tight? Is it something else?

It could be that your V-Wheels are too tight, I know that was one of my problems when I first put mine together.

I’ve had mine together for a few months now and i’ve been moving onto more complex projects.

I’ve been struggling with accuracy and have been examining as many different aspects as I can uncover. I noticed that loosening and tightening the v-wheels has some impact on the steps.

This might however explain how one of my v-wheels has split in half.

When you are turning it are you powered up? (not a real good idea BTW)

when powered the motors are held in a locked position by the controller. this can be overpowered manually but it’s difficult.