Z Axis belt too big

Hello there,
I’m currently going through the process of building a 1000mm XCarve, it’s not the XController one, it’s before that.
I have got to the Z axis drive belt tensioning and I have run into a problem. The belt listed isn’t the one in the kit, when placed over the pulleys it is still slack. After going over the instructions a few times I can’t see where there is a chance to construct it wrong (although I seem to of found it!) ;o/
I have attached 3 photos, the first is the ID on the belt, the second is the stepper motor in its furthest away position (the bolts are at the end of their travel) and the last photo is the position the stepper needs to be in for there to be any tension on the belt, it seems an awfully long way for an “adjustment”
Hopefully I have been working too hard and missed something obvious as I can’t find any info on the forums or by using the mighty Google for any info.
Thanks for your time,

It’s probably best to give Inventables a call. They’ll get it all straightened out for you.

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Cheers Rusty,
Im in England so it’d be a bit of a wait for a replacement if needed ;oD thought I might of missed something as i can’t see everone else getting the right size and me getting a wrong size in a pre-pack, but I have been wrong before!

Did you order straight from Inventables? Or I think it’s Rob Savvy who handles distribution in the UK. I’d still try and contact Inventables as you’d be surprised at how quick they can rectify an issue.

yeah, it was through Robosavvy, going to get in contact with Inventables as if it was something many people have encountered I’m sure I’d have many replies telling me to read the instructions properly.

if you have a bigger pulley then you can used the belt.
(30 tooth GT2 aluminum timing pulley)


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Contacted Inventibles, it’s the wrong belt. sending out correct belt.


It meshes OK but has a little slop to it, the teeth don’t seem to be long enough and it slips easily on the pulley, Inventibles said it was the wrong belt completely… I’ve checked the main lengths of toothed belt and they seems to engage OK on their pulleys on the Y and X.

Hey Paul, I am going through the same process and got the same big belt as you, just contacted Inventables, but is New Years eve, so I guess I will have to wait for their response, I wonder what solution they gave to your situation. Did they send you a smaller belt of the correct size?

Ruben from California!

Hello there Ruben,
I’m in the UK so Xcarve was through a third party. I contacted Inventables directly through their online advisor thing on the wesite and they sent out a correct belt to me, The advisor emailed me the day following the initial contact and informed me a correct belt was being despatched. The correct belt arrived about 2 weeks later.

Hope you have a similar experience, minus the Atlantic crossing ;oD


Hello Paul,

Thank you for your kind message. I contacted Inventables support and they told me that effectively, the belt that was sent to me was the wrong one, and then immediately sent me the correct one the following day at no extra charge. I’m looking forward to complete putting together all the parts and beginning making lots of dust.

A warm hug from California,