Z Axis binding up with Dewalt 611

Just finished putting together the X-carve. Gone through the checks. Everything working, but I have run into a problem. I am using the Dewalt 611 router. The instructions say “The housing of your router may just touch your Z-Plate during a homing cycle. Do not worry this will not affect your homing cycle or your Z-Axis movement.” In my case, it is more than touching the housing, it is binding up on the housing and this is stopping the Z-motor and Z axis movement. Has anyone run into this? Is there an easy solution? Thanks.

Yeah. Just finished mine today; same problem.

I took a dremel sander to the router housing. I shaved off some of the plastic that was hitting. It was around the label.

100% better now.

I’ll post a pic if you’d like.

I turned mine so the cord was poking out about 225 degrees (7:30) from the lead screw. I didn’t need to trim the router down. Another plus is that it forces me to use my right hand to hold the button and my left to use the wrench, which keeps me from overgronking the collet nut.

I also turned mine and lowered the lock button to get some room for the fat finger on my right hand to hold the spindle. There is just enough room for the housing at this point so it may be good to dremmel off a little of the housing to get it to clear if their tolerances are wide enough to get in the way.

Thanks all! I used a grinding wheel rather than the dremel, but same effect. I also have the Dewalt turned 180 degrees from the way it is pictured, in order to cable tie the cord to the X-axis drag chain so it rolls and unrolls with the drag chain…

So now I have it passing the Z-axis part of homing, but it goes the wrong direction for the Y axis homing. I keep clicking on reverse direction in the Easel wizard, but it doesn’t reverse direction, still goes the wrong direction… Guessing I have to find a configuration file…

I’ve seen similar comments from others - on mine, I used a little more force (and a screwdriver to open the bracket a little) and the router pushes all the way through. Rotate the body so the switch and lock button are positioned so you can get to them and you’re good to go.

The additional part of the router sticking out below will also greatly facilitate the fitting of a dust shroud or boot - one half of which is shown below.


I have the same trouble with my homing direction.

Can you solve the problem?