Z Axis capaciy

Can X Carves Z Axis distance be increased from 65 mm to where one can carve a small log or something. May be to 300 mm or so? It doesn’t necessary have to carve that deep but be able to put thicker pieces under the railings.


Something along the lines of this would raise up your gantry to carve thicker pieces.

But it would be difficult to go back to carving thinner materials without replacing your z-axis with one with a larger range.

Cool, thanks guys. So it’s doable, when need comes.

No, 300mm is like 12inches. That’s way to much for this machine. Realistically you can do it, but I don’t think you will find a z axis that long. There are ways to do it, like taking out the wasteboard for a one off, but wouldn’t recommend it. The most I’ve seen it lifted was like an additional 2 or 3 inch’s at most

Oh yeah. What was I thinking. Should be 150 mm. Buy another 2 or 3 inches should suffice for carving a log or a deep tray. That’s long ways away. I just needed to know if the X Carve is modifiable to do that some how or another.

Thank you all for help.

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OMG, they look to be monster plates. I have angle grinder (Harbor Freight) and drills. How thick of steel?

Oh I see. You mean like put addition from below around the railings so wasteboard is lower or use the plates you showed pic of at 4 corners.

I’ve raise my Z axis up to 7 1/2" by using a combination of Charely’s Y plates mounted on 20 x 80" extrusions plus a newbie slider. It is a very stiff unit.DSC00001DSC00019DSC00041DSC00040DSC00039

I made taller plates and added a second extrusion with aluminum supports. It is very solid.

Wow. Ok may be its too much for totally novice in engraving but I’ll probably get there eventually.

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