Z axis clicks

I searched the forum, I took my z axis apart. I don’t know if it will hinder my carve, but don’t want to go without using machine for 5 months. 5took z axis apart. I can’t figure it out

What does “bottom out” mean?

Yep. Looks like the shaft is moving and clicking against the inside of the bushings. Bottom out means to push the pulley right up next to the bearing. Push it down as far is it will go, then re-tighten.

Ok thank you guys!! Does this sometimes happen with a lot of use/wear and tear on a machine?

Screws come loose, wear and tear…it all factors in.

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Yeah performed maintenance, I just couldn’t figured it out.
1)did the nut loosen tighten
2) took z Motor off

Found out my z belt was worn and loose (put on in my noob days) I had an extra belt, put it on tightened up and now no more clicking!

Thanks guys!


you can use the blue locktight. It will prevent the stuff from coming loose.
Just make sure its 3m blue. The red will make it permanent…

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Funny thing is I had it in. Def was a belt issue