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For reasons unknown my Z axis is running backwards. When I press up it goes down, when I press down it goes up. Which line in the config file do I edit and with what? This just started a few minutes ago. It was working fine up until then. :thinking:

If you performed a “machine setup” since nov 1st, you need to select the “advanced” option in setup… the 3rd photo in the row… and then select your machines options.

The new standard includes all of the upgrades, which requires inverting the z axis… the easy way to fix your current issue is to redo the machine setup selecting advanced option…

$3 see the chart in this link

GRBL_Settings_Pocket_Guide_Rev_B.pdf (diymachining.com)

In Easel click on …Machine/General Settings/Machine Inspector. Type$3= (number 1 through 7) and Enter. You may want to try $3=4 to reverse the Z. I just got a new X controller a couple weeks ago and had to play with this to get them correct as I don’t have internet in my cnc shed.

Hey Martin, IF his issue is actually ONLY the Z being inverted, then I would agree with you 100%, that editing $3 would be the simplest solution… However based on seeing a significant number of posts in the FB groups over the past 6 days, I am willing to bet that the $100,$101, $102, & $132 were also changed to the values used with the upgraded system and he just didn’t notice yet, which I why I had suggested performing the machine setup again…

Granted, had I not seen all of these other reports of inverted Z and asked them to verify these other settings were also set wrong, I also would have gone with the simple solution of changing of the $3.

Duane, can you copy your grbl settings and share them?

Here are the correct defaults for X-Carve without the upgrades…

Thanks Seth, up and running again.


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Thanks Martin!

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