Z-Axis Cut Depth Problem From Left to Right

Hello - New Here, But I did spend a good amount of time trying to find a topic to help - I feel I might not be alone on my issue and hoping it’s an easy fix -

So, If I’m cutting ANYTHING, as the Machine moves more and more right the depth becomes increasingly off. For instance, I cut out the Letters for the name JAMES - Starting Pretty Far left, the “J” Cut out Perfectly, even slightly attached to it’s tab - Then Moving right the “A” not so much, and got worse and worse. Till you get to the “S” I was barely able to Pop it out but have to Sand the entire letter.

I put a Square up on my X-axis rail Far Left its at just above 3 1/8" to the bottom of the rail and looks the same to the very far right. So Im Assuming My x-axis is square to my waste board?

I Have removed the Z-Axis and router, loosened the bolts, and tightened and Calibrated the best I can, and squared up that to the waste board several times, but still getting this issue and I have no idea why.

Again new to this, but actively trying to find a solution - any help would be amazing. Thanks in advance.

You can put a sacrificial board down and skim cut the whole surface to get it exact then attach your projects to it. OR I will set my material depth to be .03 more that what it actual is to be sure I go all the way through and into my sacrificial board.

Check your risers there is a small amount of play between them and your rails you might be able to lower or raise one side or the other. AND I actually have a few card stock shims between my waste board and the structure rails under it. I used a dial gauge attached to my router and moved it around to find the variance and shimmed up my waste board. After 3 years of use I only have two blemishes in my original waste board.

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No machine will ever be assembled with its bed (spoil board) being 100% level relative to Z-height.
A skim cut need to be performed which will mitigate any elevation discrepancies.

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Thank you - I will Definitely play around with the rails - and Use some Shims to dial my machine in like you did - I might have a few more questions but I will tinker 1st.

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