Z axis cut

my cut depth (z axis) was set at 0.125, but it cut at 0.160. how can I fix this problem?
my wood is planed so I know it is even.

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You’d want to either surface the workpiece using the cnc (not a planer)
Or use this shim method to ensure that a planed board actually sits parallel to the spindle plane.

And I also reccomend setting zero at the center of the board.(not the front left corner)

thank you, but will that solve the depth problem?

That all depends if your depth is off because z zero is off based on the top of the material. Or a different reason like movement calibration, the bit coming loose in the collet, the probe being a different thickness than what its set to. Or another less common issue…

The fact remains though, you can’t really determine that the depth is off without starting with a surfaced workpiece to test with, otherwise there is not a valid parallel top surface to measure from.

You could do a 2 step pocket, (like a deeper square inside of a larger, shallower square) and measure the depth difference from the bottom of pocket 1 down into the bottom of pocket 2 and see if that matches what its supposed to. If this is spot on, the. It further validates my suggestion. That the wood is not parallel to the spindles plane of movement.

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