Z axis depth not true

please any help about the z axis. if i set the value 7 mm, the depth goes only 1.3. the value is not always the same. i can not use the x carve if i don’t fix this issue. please any help

If Z-axis movement isnt consistent in distance your Z-axis motor is loosing steps.
If you have set screws on motor belt pulley remove and reseat, making sure the set screw engage shaft flat spot. Use Blue LocTite on the screws.

no the z axis motor is not loosing steps, everything is OK with the motor.

If you jog in 7mm increments but axis only move 1.3mm consistently => recalibrate your GRBL settings for Z-axis.
If you jog in 7mm increments but axis say move 1.3mm, 2,5mm or other random/inconsistant distance you ARE losing steps OR something is loose :slight_smile:

You may also try Inventables Support for additional help.

In your original post you state that you are losing steps by stating “the value is not always the same.” if what you say is true then you really need to check for a pulley turning on the shaft as that is what would cause the distance to not be the same every time. If it was a software issue it would be off by whatever distance but that distance would never change. input 7mm move 1.3 mm input 7mm again move exactly 1.3mm again. if not a lose pulley then the amperage to the motor is to low and it is losing steps that way. not really much else it can be but losing steps.

If calibration is the key this might be helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3bUg9InVeA&t=447s
(If Z-axis move the same distance each time you jog the same value)

If Z travel too far/to short each time the same jog value is given => recalibrate
If Z travel the same distance jog value represent => no recalibration required
If Z travel the same distance jog value represent, but occationally move the wrong direction => one of the 4 stepper motor wires are loose.
If Z travel inconsistant lengths when given a known jog value => losing steps.
Losing steps may be due to binding, mechanical / electrical flaws, incorrect setting of motor current, pinion slipping on motor shaft…

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