Z-axis depth problems?

Hi all!

I’ve had my 1000x1000 machine up and running now for about a week. I’ve had no issues cutting wood (unless I just hadn’t realized it) and finally took on the task of cutting acrylic. Now I know that’s a tough material to mill, but I’ve done my research.

The issue is that I’m specifying the machine to cut at a depth of .009 in. My feed is 60 ipm…good for acrylic. However, it keeps plunging deeper than I want it to. I home it properly using easel’s axis buttons. Also, even after it plunges, it seems to get deeper and deeper. The bit is not loose at all as that was my first thought…but it’s in there good!

I cannot figure it out…help!

You forgot to mention what kind of Spindle you have.

Hey Ethan, we have a troubleshooting database you can explore to help you figure these issues out. http://easel.inventables.com/problem_symptoms/3 Please let me know if any of these solutions help, we are always adding issues and their solutions to this database.

At first glace, I’d suggest checking your z-axis nylock nut (assuming you have the ACME leadscrew) to make sure its tightened down all the way.

Ah, sorry! I have the quiet cut one from Inventables.