Z Axis Direct Drive upgrade. New settings

Anyone know what the new settings are for the TBDCNC Direct Drive Z Axis? Not sure hwy they dont have that on their site?


As it depend on micro step level and step/revolution (or servo) it is not a fixed value.

The fastest and most accurate way to recalibrate is to:

  • Find a ruler or use a digital caliper, find a reference point on the Z-carriage
  • Command a 10mm jog up or down and measure the distance travelled (10mm is just an arbitrary number, the larger the more accurate) Say you have a 5mm travel for that 10mm command
  • Find your current $102 value, say it read 100
  • Recalculate value using the following formulae:
    Current $102 value / actual travel * commanded travel
    100step/mm / 5mm * 10mm = 200 which is your new $102 value

Thanks so much! Headed to the machine to do this.