Z axis does not go up far enough

I have a project but the z axis does not go up far enough to clear the wood to go to the next cut. Yet when I simulate it does. What setting needs changing? attached is current version of project (the one used) and its gcode
Copy of nicola crystals (1).nc (611.4 KB)
Copy of nicola crystals.zip (12.9 KB)

can you share the easel project and post the share link here.

can you also post a photo of your current cnc setup. It’s possible the cnc is raising, hitting a physical limit of travel (going up and crashing) then loosing steps, this would cause the safety height to possibly not lift enough to raise out of the stock during the carve.

And your grbl settings.

Copy of nicola crystals (1).nc (611.4 KB)
Copy of nicola crystals.zip (12.9 KB)
The cnc is no longer being used for this and is doing some slab levelling so not a problem in this setup but will carve in a few days

everything looks fine in the job and in those gcode files.
seems like the issue of possible Z axis crashing into the top, and or calibration grbl setting issue.

I had to change the calibration once I got a new controller but I thought I got it right. How do I fix the callibration grbl issue? make changes and try on mdf till it doesnt do that?

this is the Calibration process. It’s a process of Marking the starting point, Jogging the cnc a specified distance (in your case height), then Measure the actual amount moved, performing some math and inputting the original calibration setting into that formula, and the result of the equation is the new calibration setting to use. I suggest then repeating to ensure the Actual Jogged distance = the anticipated distance just to be certain.

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