Z axis doesn't go up need help asap!

So I was carving another one of my trays I do and the z axis stopped going up. I did this exact same carve a few days ago and no issues. I just checked all the wiring, took x controller apart and made sure the dip switches are correct and they are as pictured in instructions as 1 is down, 2 is up, 3 down and 4 up. http://x-carve-instructions.inventables.com/photo/newdips.png
I checked the wiring and it is all secure. I blew out the motor and lightly lubed the pulley. what is causing this? here is what it looked like when doing the second carve.

any help would be great!

Are the grub screws still tight on your Z-axis motor? They might be lose or missing.

yes sir. everything is tightened. that is what I did when I went through checklist on fixing this thing

Can you jog the z axis correctly?

yes. it jogs fine with no issues.

Can you share the file?

messaged you