Z Axis drilling down when it shouldnt be moving at all

So as of today my Z axis keeps drilling down at points where it should not be changing height at all. When it does this it goes down way deep and then instantly snaps the bit when the carriage keeps moving.

For software I am just using straight Easel so no imported code or anything.
All settings are essentially factory.
V wheels all appear correctly tightened.
Belt doesn’t appear to be slipping
Collar is tight on top.
I have checked connections all appear to be good.

Any Ideas I’ve already broken 5 bits tonight?

On another note after reading some info elsewhere it is also always breaking the bit inside the collet about 1/4 inch from the end if that matters.I am using the apparently infamous collet adapter from inventables.

Agree with avoiding the adapters if possible.

Can you share the project that is causing your issues?

You need to copy the URL and click Save before it is shared publicly :slight_smile:

Hopefully this will work better http://easel.inventables.com/projects/zSViFKeKFKxc23JvV1EY1w


I don’t see anything out of the ordinary with your project file. You mentioned it broke multiple bits. Did it happen in the same place every time? Where did it happen?

Did you actually see the Z go down unexpectedly or did it just seem like the bit was deeper? I’m wondering if the bit is being pulled out of the adapter and digging into the material.

Random spots, 5 bits , the bit was still down in the hole where it had drilled into the wood. Would appear to have drilled down, tried to move on the x/y axis and snapped.

On another note i gave up on the last board and switched to my engraving function which ran error free, then finished cutting out boards on scroll saw and cleaned up with flush trim router.

There are two main reasons for the Z to drop:

1 - It was told to do so (could’t see evidence in the shared file of that during a brief check)
2 - It is unaware that Z is low.

Reasons for 1:
Bug, design flaw or incorrect PP used. SInce this was Easel only there is no PP to deal with. Perhaps a gremlin in there somewhere.

Reasons for 2:
Belt/pulley slipping
Motor stall during retract motion
A single loose motor wire, it will still run but direction of rotation will be random and usually in the direction of least resistance (down)

Stop after one. Check your machine, wiring and settings. Definitely stop after two and ask the forum.
Definitely check wiring and shields.

“Definition of insanity is breaking 5 bits in a row and expecting different results with no changes“.

Who said no changes were made between bits? I actually listed most everything I had done.

Wasn’t aimed at you, and I must have missed that.
However after 2 it should have been obvious.