Z Axis Drive Belt

I have been looking on the site for replacement belts for the z axis just in case the original one wears out and fails. I understand that it should last a very long time under the best of circumstances, however I would feel a lot more comfortable if I knew I had a backup in case I messed this one up. Do they sell them yet and if so where do I find them on their page? I looked in the belting section and cannot find the z axis belt. Thanks in advance for the help. Also I tried for the first time the dual cut and it works great. Thanks Inventables… Ron

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Good point.

Very good point indeed! Would hate to have the whole thing become an expensive paper weight for a blt that cant be sourced anywhere else.

I didn’t pay much attention to it, but it looks like a standard 160-2m-6 industrial drive belt…

I’m not sure on the length (160 mm) or the width (6 mm), but with it being a “GT2” I bet I can order it from a few different manufacturers…

yeah, it’s available:


…if I remember the dimensions correctly (160mm long and 6mm wide). Even if the width is wrong, you just need one thin enough to fit in the pulleys - there is not much load on the belt for what it is doing vs. what it is capable of…

It looks like they’re out of stock, but here’s the link. Closed Loop GT2 Belt

SDP-SI.com does have some in stock. Their part number is: A26R51M080060

They want about $5.00 for one…

Gates also offers it. you might check with your local industrial supply house. Gates does have stock (as of today) - the Gates # is 160-2MGT-06

My local Gates guy also wanted about $5.00 for it - he’d have to order it from the factory.

I am not affiliated with any of these companies, I am just offering info.

Thank you Caleb for the post. I added my name to the wait list.

Thanks for the post Jay, I will look into that.