Z axis drive rod moving around - assembly error? [Resolved]


I recently got my new X-Carve built. I bought it with the ACME drive rod. Today on my 2nd carve using the machine I noted the depths were not correct… To my surprise I noted the ACME drive rod coming UP while the router bit was plunging into the material (see picture below). I checked the assembly instructions and didn’t see any step I missed. Below is a picture of what is happening. Any thoughts or suggestions on what may be wrong would be very much appreciated.

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Thanks Phil - I will give this a try. The picture in the instructions are a little misleading regarding how far down the lock nut needs to be. Thanks for the reply!!

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I had the same problem…
Here is how I fix it:

  • Remove the Z axes belt
  • loose the bolts that connects to the delrin nut
  • remove the lock nut from the acme screw and remove the pulley.
  • now first tighten the bolts on the delrin nut which will align the acme screw.
  • hold upward pressure on your Z carriage and instal the pulley and tighten the set screws
  • Now install the belt.
  • tight the locking nut and then adjust the tension to the belt.

Thanks MirceaBascuti. I removed the top nut and loosen the set screws on the pulley. While applying UP pressure on the Z axis I pushed DOWN on the pulley and tightened it using the set screws. I think tightened the top locking nut and behold, no more play in the Z axis.

Thanks everyone!