Z axis feed rate different from X and Y rate

I’d like to be able to set a slower rate of plunge (Z) and then have the machine resume a faster X and Y cut. Would this be possible in Easel or would I have to try a different software?

I am working with cedar and find that I can take quite a bit off with each pass but the plunge looks like it strains the machine the most.

I’d envision another box next to the feed rate box where we could set the plunge rate. Or, how about in the advance settings, which are already pretty slick.

I know in the CAM program CamBam that I can do what you are asking. You can set the feed rate and the plunge feed rate for all operations.


It looks like Easel will let you adjust the max rate and acceleration for your machine in Machine Inspector. I think it would affect every Z operation though, which would take longer every time it lifted to and dropped from your safety height.

Like what others have already said, other software can definitely limit the Z Feed Rate.
For a workaround, try what Robert suggests.
You can get/set the Max Feed Rate per Axis inside of GRBL.
Change the Z Axis Max Feed Rate to whatever you want it to be.
This will override what is produce by your CAM Software (Easel, Fusion 360) etc.
Use the Machine Inspector of Easel, or UGS (Universal GCode Sender) to change GRBL settings.
You may need to do some math to convert mm to inches or vice versa.
Change the Feed Rate first, then change acceleration later if need be.