Z-axis flange bearing - movement

I’ve had problems recently with movement on the z-axis: example, across a 200mm horizontal pass of 1mm depth, the router bit rose 0.25mm.

I noticed the flange bearing has some vertical movement. Is this normal, or have I found my problem?

Video (4 sec) shows movement when spindle pulled up and down with fingers - sorry for the shake on the camera hopefully doesn’t obscure flange movement.


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I think that should be solid and not have that sort of movement… you could call up inventables and ask how much $ the part is … Here’s their part number for reference

Thanks SethCNC, I’ll get on it.

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Can you undo the set screw and push the collar to snug it up .

Thanks Cmckercher,
I tried after I saw your suggestion but the collar is already tight against the inside radius of the bearing which still allows movement.

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Replaced the flanged bearing - all now better.

I was able to source the bearings locally - now need a project for the other 9 that came in the pack :slight_smile: