Z axis gear set screws come loose?

I’m almost there! These small set screws get loose then the shaft stops turning. I can’t seem to keep them tight. I even adjusted the V rollers thinking they may have been too tight ? I hope I don’t have to change the shaft now?

Use Loctite!!

What happens if you have to take it apart ?

and thats not in the instructions ?

Thanks where can I get those ?

Thank you Bob

Yes building the x-carve and I need to replace those small set screws on the pully attached to the ACME Lead screw.

I too was concerned about trying to get those tiny set screws out if I used loctite. I decided to grind a small flat spot on the shaft and seated the set screw against it. I have removed and reinstalled the pulley several times for various things but have never had it slip when using even though there is no loctite.

BUT the next time I remove it I will be going with a cap screw. Just makes more sense than the sets. But still I think a flat spot is the best solution in conjunction with the cap screw.

One can also grind a flat spot on the shaft so the screw enter deeper and locking it in better. Use Loctite (blue) still, good practice with any screw on something that vibrates :slight_smile:

Lowes, Home Depot or Ace Hardware all have them.

Thanks Stacey !!!