Z-Axis Gremlin

I have long suspected a gremlin lives in my z-axis. Today I have the photographic evidence! Muhahaha

I’ll skip straight to today, I was leveling a new waste board with the x-carve 1/8 single flute, an .8mm deep box drawn in easel slightly smaller the than its max movement, and the following random desctruction is what ensued.

I went through all the troubleshooting and the acme rod is set right, belts are good, the little jumper on the board is right, and basically I just need a really little gun to shoot this gremlin with. If someone would like to spare the poor gremlin, please offer me an alternative idea of what else could cause this.

The carve started in the center with concentric rings outward. For the most part, the errors are deeper and deeper with those occasionally shallow passes.Uploading…

David, I think you posted the topic before your pictures could upload.

Coincidentally today, I’d also lifted the Z carriage, and it stroked about a 1/16th. Removed the router(611), and found a screw had loosened out of the delrin nut. Snugged it, and now all’s well. Additionally, I’d noticed, over the last month, that a growling noise was increasing in volume, as the Z moved down.

I have suggested to others to adjust the eccentric nuts first to get the snug fit for the V-wheels then tighten the derlin nuts.