Z axis help

I want to know about the Z-axis.

  1. How I can know when the Z-axis zero position??
  2. When I down the bit in the material’s surface, how I can how much I need to down the bit on the material before I click the Z-axis zero position??

If you don’t have a z probe take a piece of paper and slide it under the bit and lower the bit until it just touches the paper but you can still get it out and you will be pretty close.


Another method I use is:

  • Take a spare bit and I measure with a digital caliper its shank diameter (say its 6.00mm)
  • I then place my 2nd bit down on the work surface and roll it back´n´forth under the bit thats in the router, while jogging it down. When the rolling bit is touching the Z-bit I know the height is 6.00mm

I usually jog down in 0.1mm increments untill the bit wont clear under Z-bit, then jog 0.01mm UP untill it clears again :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply. I have a Z probe. How I can to use it?? to down the bit on the Z probe, and click Z axis zero??

Plug it in and when it ask to probe or manual push probe and go thru the steps.

Did you set up the probe function during the setup? You must enter the thickness of the brass plate.