Z axis homing during initial setup

I have continuity all the way down to the plug block. Leads are correctly placed. Ive been fighting this for 2 days now. Carriage comes all the way up and the stepper makes a helluva sound. When in diagnostic, no matter which switch i press the green light does not come on, making me think its wired incorrectly. re-tightened all leads in the block, red/black, red/black etc. And as stated before, i have continuaty to the block screws. Im at a loss here.

If you short the terminals at the X-controller, do you get the green light? You should.
After that, check continuity between the ends of the two wires when the switch is pressed. The switch connects the two. If you have continuity when not pressed, you’re wired incorrectly at the switch. If no continuity at all, bad switch or wire.

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The limit switch tab needs bent down a little at the tip for the new design… bracket is pushing the switch a little, but it just barely not enough to actually trigger it.

I see this issue about 3-4x a week on the differrnt forums.

You may also want be aware of the next issue that tends to arise for users of the new machine. That is mounting the Z axis like the photos show, but then not being able to reach the workpiece with the shorter v bits, let alone reach the wasteboard to make cut outs. So youll probably want to lowee the Z assembly if its at the highest point like most are initially.

I am assuming the switches are nc, since my beeper works all the way down line to the terminal blocks at the x controller, until i depress the switch, then no beep. This is consistent with all 3 switches. At the terminal blocks.

I bent the switch arm down already. Also in not getting a “somethings wrong” warning when the carriage gets jambed it just continues to whine till i shut things down. I skipped the Homing step and everything else seems to work fine, i made a board with text and everything seems to be normal otherwise

They are wired to NC or NO? Cause they plug in the back of the switch also needs to be in the righr plugs

Should all be wired as NO

Mybad, They are indeed n/o. I may revisit the homing switches at a later date.

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