Z-axis irregularity

(X-Carve 1000mm) Despite homing the machine, setting a zero point before each carve, and confirming my material thickness multiple times, making sure my material isn’t cupped or warped or bowed, making sure my bit is fully seated and the collet is tight, I still have issues with my bit not cutting some sections of the pattern on either the first pass or any subsequent passes either. Any suggestions?
Oh and side note, during my machine setup, I couldn’t get my z-probe setup to work. When I would would attach the clamp to the collet, the computer wouldn’t register it. (Not sure if that makes a difference or not)


Sounds like height discrepancy over the spoil board, AND/OR thickness variations of the material to be carved. Skim carving a sacrifical spoil board will even out any Z-variation.

The other reason some parts may be omitted during carving is if the bit is wider than the width of the area to be carved. A 1/4" bit wont do a 1/8" slot :slight_smile:

I noticed that you didn’t mention tramming your machine.
You need to tram your machine.

What is that and how do I do it?

Type tramming in the search.
Lots of information available.