Z axis is cutting deeper than it should

I have a brand new machine and it cut through the material when the cut depth is less than the thickness of the material. the z axis is set using the probe and i set it to the material using the paper method. i have cut into my machine board multiple times and have broken 2 bits because of drag across the material. the machine seem to not know where it is. i have read the forums and still cant figure it out. i have only had one successful pass.

Is the z topping out (what is the origin safety height and the standard safety height & do you have adequate z clearance?)

Or another issue could be the $102 value set incorrectly for your machine. You can verify this by measuring actual movement compared to manual commanded amount (does 1" of z movement actually measure 1"?)

Not trying to insult, but I have forgotten to tighten the bit which will cause it to travel in the chuck, and the top pulley was slipping on the threaded screw. Check these possibilities.

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Good call!

OR another common one is inserting the bit until tit bottoms out and this prevents the collet from tightening properly and it’ll loosen itself once the router is turned on :man_shrugging:

The clearence doesn’t to be the issue. The nut that drives the motor up and down seem tight. I will need to check if the collector is tight.

How do I set the value. I watch the videos and the menu s on the video are not on my machine. Advance options are not where the video said it is

It is now located at Machine>General Settings>Machine Inspector

General Settings is the new Advanced (as of about 4 days ago)

Could this be the problem

$102 looks right for a stock x-carve (without the Z upgrade)

You might still want perform that movement test, because there are also physical switches inside the X-controller that work in concert with those grbl settings to control movement.

i will test the full range of movement

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