Z axis is cutting to deep

tblsht eagle

Okay, so ive read a bunch of threads so far and havnt been able to fix my issue. Ive uploaded a few pictures. One in easel, if you notice the knife handle it clearly shows a significant difference in thickness between was should be carved and what should stay at surface level. Now if you notice the actual carve, there is a HUGE discrepancy. Ive checked the z axis steps via measuring the difference between the top plate and the spindle plate. then i told it to go down one inch. and it did exactly that. Now there is a bit of a wiggle in my pully belt, but should that even be an issue if the steps are coming out correct?

Other things ive noticed: I am requesting .04in total depth in easel, but I am actually getting .09in (again, very significant). My roughing pass was a 1/8in straight bit, my detailed pass was a 90 degree vbit. both set at a total .04in depth.


You could always put a couple business cards under the Z probe when you’re setting the Z height. If the V bit has a flat tip that can throw it off some


Thanks, I may give this a try. Its just annoying to have to account for that much error.

It’s not error, it’s the geometry of the bit. Some will specify the diameter of the flat tip. If you know the width of the tip, you can offset by a calculated amount. You can also get bits that come closer to a true point.

not a flat tip.

Do a test piece where you incrementally, with intent, set Z-zero higher and higher, causing a Z-offset.
Which offset give you the crispest result?

Use that offset.

How are you setting your Z zero?

I use the z probe

If there’s no discernable flat (check from the other angle), you might just try setting zero by eye or using a piece of paper.

I’ll give manual zeroing a try for sure