Z axis is inconsistent in movement

So I just got done moving i to my new house and finally got around to setting up my Xcarve again. While going through the setup seq. I got to the Z axis and when I hit up a 3 times it went up twice and then once down. With that said that’s not always the case. i could hit up 4 and it could go down 3 then up 1. Its never the same, now this goes the same for if a I give the down command. I’m not on the new X controller system. Any hints to where to start trouble shooting would be awesome thanks for the help.

Wiring. Especially after a move. Check all wiring for breaks or loose connections.

I will go over the wiring again I used spade terminals for all connections that I could but I guess one could have came loose. Thanks for the help will let you guys know what I find tonight.

Also check inside the box to make sure the Arduino is still connected to the gShield.

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OH! I didnt even think about that "why doesn’t my car run?!?! " “did you put gas in it?” lol Ill check this as well

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There’s a lot of wires… I’m amazed every day that my machine runs. =)

i don’t know if this is possible but i swear it happened to me…check your limit switch wiring and condition also. I had the same problem and when i put a new switch on the z axis it went away and has never reoccurred. Could be coincidence.

sure enough all the wires looked like they where landed. but when I did a test tug on the z axis wires one was not seated. Good call gents