Z-axis is just doing what he wants

My X-carve did a good job for a while. Now he decided to have is own will, atleast the Z axis.
When i go up or down, sometimes it just viabrates like he is stuck. When he is 7mm from the top and i push 10mm up he goes up and down like he doens’t know the difference anymore.
It is the same in lightburn and in easel howevere when he is buzy carving it seems to have no problem.
Only when setting up a new project.
You can see the problem in this video: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Ze74q3tyoCmQPyD18
after reboot i also have this message:

i think it sais ther is a problem with my limitswitch so i checked the wiring but ther is no problem. If my problem is occured by the swith should it than go up and down or just stop?

Kind regards

Update: after rebooting somethimes it is ok.

latest time a put on the x-controller, i was just in time to take of the magnetic laserbracket and push the emergencystopbottom. There was only 5mm left or the spindel had touched the table. It was clear that he again went to the wrong side, down instead of up where the switch can stop him.

Check your Z motor wiring and connections.

I suspect a faulty wiring, if one of the four wires have poor / no contact the motor will step as usual but directional will be arbitrary. (loosing one wire = no directional control)

Also you are experiencing stepper stall (vibrates like it is stuck), check set screws and anything mechanical, report values for $102 / $112 / $122 :slight_smile:

Also check the black scre block, if its too tightly screwed to the assembly it may be skewed a little bit causing the screw to briefly jam. Loosing it, just enough for it to sit snug.