Z-axis is offset by ~3mm

The Z-axis is correctly probed and calibrated using the Z-probe

Everything checks out as normal

When I run the Carve, the cut starts about 3mm above the material? So I always have to “compensate” by adding 3mm to the cutting depth (so if I wan’t a depth of 2mm, I need to set 5mm).

I don’t see what I am doing wrong.

I’d recalibrate your Z axis steps per mm. ( $102) This probably has to be done a few times to really zero in on it.

Is the height of your Z-Probe not correctly accounted for?


Brandon Parker

How do I make the software account for the Z probe? I don’t think there is an option in the basic UI flow (I’m a total novice)

During the Z-Probe setup, you can get to the Advanced Settings here…

Once there, you can update the Z-Probe Touch Plate thickness as shown below. You will need to use a set of calipers to ensure the thickness is exactly correct.



Brandon Parker


I don’t seem to have the “Advanced” Option:

In Easel to to Machine then to Set up machine
When you go through the steps it will take you through setting up your Z-Probe, then you will see the screen like Brandon shared.