Z axis is out of plumb - Router is not vertical. how to adjust?

I am a new user to X-carve and do not own a machine but have access to a machine used by many people in a public workshop. Enjoying this new machine and experience. I do not have access to the repair/owners manual.

Yesterday I noticed the machine not cutting exactly correct and noticed the Router and mounting is not vertical to the surface. I noticed the router mounting is loose and the pulley wheels on the x-axis seem to have a lot of play and am assuming the pulley wheels are adjustable up and down???

Thank you.

no one and everyone has. they are online at http://x-carve-instructions.inventables.com/

choose your machine size and click assembly instructions. there you will find the “manual”

https://inventables.desk.com/?b_id=9563 here you will find support and FAQ