Z AXIS issue with depth

Ive had the X CRAVE 1000MM for a week now and its been working great, until today. It was in the middle of a project and started cutting to deep destroying the project. I recalibrated, verified everything was still tightened to the correct tension, verified wiring was not loose…ext. I started a new test project and after about 4 minutes its began cutting to deep and dragging the bit across the project. I tried manually setting the Z axis zero with no change. This is now happening on the rough and detail passes. It seems that the Z axis is loosing its zero and not returning to the correct height. Again everything has been working great for the first week and i have not made any changes to any of the coding. I am using Easel Pro for the projects. Any help would be great.

Set screw on the Z screw pulley likely is loose.

I verified the set screws on the Z to not loose. Could the closed belt be defective causing the motor and Z pulley to jump a couple teeth over time? this would cause the same issue as the set screws being loose correct?

I have been running the same belts over 4 yrs now.
Is your Z axis binding? Possibly missing steps when lifting.

the z axis is very smooth, don’t believe it is binding anywhere. Possibly missing steps on the lift, how would I verify if it is missing steps?

I know its hard to see, however could this defect in the belt cause my issue? I don’t know how to check if I’m loosing steps

appears that the cut settings were changed in the middle of the project, causing all of my issues. I have adjusted the settings and everything is back working great so far.


You should order a replacement belt. That one is liable to let you down at anytime.

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