Z Axis Issues - Inconsistant

Hello everyone,

I Received my 500X500 X-Carve yesterday, and have completed the build phase. I Installed the drivers, and used Easel to calibrate the Unit.

After a test run carving the Intro piece I noticed there was issues with the Z-Axis. I ran a few tests to determine that the Z-Axis does not travel the same distance up as down with the same commands… (Like 50mm up may go 82mm, then 50 mm down may go 56mm, then again 50mm up may go 96mm, then back down 50mm may go down almost 100mm) On the next couple tests the travel was different amounts but never correct.

I have tried adjusting the $102 a few times also.

I have gone thru and checked the wiring and everything looks solid, and after reading several Z-Axis issues in the forums I am at a loss for resolution.

Check the small grub screws on the pulleys


Second the loose pulley.

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THANK YOU BOTH!!! That was the answer I could not see!!!


It is highly recommended to secure the pulley and grub screws with blue Loctite. Sourcing longer screws with a bigger hex head is also worth considering as they will be easier to screw tighter. You do not want to loose grip on the pulley.

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That interface of the Z pulley to the Acme screw has been the most troublesome areas of the X Carve and Inventables really needs to look at improving that.

Locktite applied, but I will have to find the Metric Set-Screws. I have a whole set of Standard, but none of that size metric… You would think a hex shaft into a hex sprocket would be easy enough to fix the issue.

Make sure one of the screws goes onto the motor flat spot. That’ll help too.