Z-axis issues

Hello all,

I gad to take my Z-axis assembly off recently as the carriage was wobbling when moving up and down. I replaced the M8 threaded rod as I thought it was bent, but the new rod hasn’t changed anything.

I’m starting to think that the issue is the bearing that sits around the threaded rod, can anyone confirm whether there is any play in their bearing? Mine has a fair wobble, and I think it might need replacing.

Any other ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.


@RobHooley can you post some pictures to help diagnose?

Mine is Acme Rod, but I don’t think any difference install wise. Answer is no. There is no gap between Holding Nut and bearing. You have to screw it all the way down until stops. Not crazy tight, because nut must be nylon inserted. Holds securely.

Oups, I didn’t see you reply Zach, sorry.

Will these short videos help?

The nuts on either side of the bearing are tight and the bearing is held in tightly by the two screws. There is no vertical play, just horizontal.

Any ideas?

You haven’t install your spindle carriage yet. That holds everything in place. Movement without Spindle carriage is normal. Go ahead and install it, put four wheels, adjust wheel tightness to the slots, then try again.if there is up and down movement after that, tight those nuts. You’ll see difference.

It wobbles with the carriage on also

I’ll put it on later and repeat the video