Z Axis jitter when clicking "Raise the Bit"

I recently swapped my Z-axis to a NEMA23. It seems to be working fine, except I’m getting an issue with the Z height when I initiate my carve. When I click “Raise the Bit”, just before “Spindle is On” and “Carve”, the Z-axis jogs up smoothly at first, but then about 1/2 way through it’s jog it jitters, fairly deliberately by my ear. It sounds like the motor is getting an actual pulsed signal of On/Off ~10-12Hz. So it sounds smooth for 1/2 second, then a handful of jitters, and the result is it seems to not lift to it’s full Safety Height. I have my Safety Height set to default .150".

What I’ve played with:
Safety Height .100" works fine +/-.005"
Safety Height .150" only moves ~.125"
Safety Height .250" only moves ~.190"

Jogging Z-axis manually works well along the whole travel. I’ve traversed the full length Up/Down 3x using 1.000, 0.100, and once using 0.010" jogs. There’s no jitter. I think that rules out under powered driver and Z axis rail binding, but maybe not. My first bet would be a software/signal issue, but I have no idea how to address that.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Your stepper might be stalling, what are the values of $102/112/122?

Could you post a video of it on youtube?